Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Beginnings - Again!

Did you ever think that something was going to last forever? And then something minute and almost not even noteworthy happened and it set off a chain of events so insane, so crazy, and yet so wonderful and life altering.
My last blog entry was July 2008 and I was whining about mosquitos. Today, April 2, 2009 I am in a new house in a new city with a whole new wonderful life. And all because of an email sent by an old friend. Life is a funny, funny thing!

So, here we are in Red Deer, Alberta now. Beautiful Blooms and I have ripped out our roots from Okotoks, Alberta and moved north to the gorgeous city of Red Deer. It is a very pretty, very friendly city and so far I really like it here.

New gardens are being dug and I almost hate to admit it, but I think I'm getting older. The old body isn't quite as limber as it used to be, but maybe, just maybe it's also due to moving furniture and boxes as well. Two, maybe three more trips back to Okotoks and I'll have the bulk of the garden moved. It's very good timing, this move, plants are just starting to wake up and not as resentful about being moved. They settle back in quite nicely.
Tomorrow's trip to Okotoks will be to pick up the cold frames, we were able to pick up some old storm windows at Habitat's ReStore and they will make great covers for the old cold frames.

Stay tuned, more to come.
Happy Gardening.