Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taking advantage of a rainy day.

I know I've been neglectful in keeping the blog updated however in my defense, I've got gardens to dig.
I'm going to go back to May for these pictures, and I realize my last blog entry was April, so we should be good.
The following pictures are of the new yard in which Beautiful Blooms will put down its roots and grow.
This first picture is taken from the side and back of the house. It is situated on a corner lot.

A view of the same side of the house, as above. Keep in mind that it is May and it was a cold spring, and there used to be a dog that lived in the house.

The front of the house under the living room window. The tufa rocks that I brought with me from the last garden.

Again, the front, facing south, digging just to get plants in the ground for now. Garden planning will come later.

Facing north, same thing, get them in the ground, will plan later.

The back yard, which blissfully is fenced. The fence is not in the best of shape, but easily overlooked when I think that for the first time I can actually garden in a protected space. Very exciting.

The back yard again. Clean up from former tenants is well under way, hopefully that poor tree will heal.

This fenced in area is on the west side of the house, it would be perfect for either a vegetable garden or maybe green houses.

A view from the top of the deck in the back yard.

In the front again under the living room picture window. The first of the cold frames to go up. Not sure if I'll leave it there or not, for now I wanted it in a location where I could keep an eye on it. I do think that I've located a better spot in the back yard.

Although the house and yard are in a state of neglect and disrepair, it has such potential. The soil is wonderful, compared to the clay of Okotoks, loads of space for huge flower beds, room for green houses, cold frames, vegetable gardens, and so on. I'm very excited about the challenges I have facing me.
Also, and this is so far just a thought that I'm sharing, there is a walk out basement suite that would be perfect for a Beautiful Blooms store, zoning and permits permitting of course. Just a thought?