Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's what year??
And what a year it's been.  We'll leave it at that!
Me and the chickens are in a new place, safe and sound and happy.  I'm happy to say that Miss Buddy pants is starting to grow back her feathers, again, and hopefully she'll keep them for awhile.  Oh ya, Buddy is a girl!  Finally got her sexed and yuppers my dainty little grey is a girl.  :)
Ned has pulled through everything with minimal stress although I still get the wing over my head when I've been gone for too many hours.

One of my new favorite spots, this is off Highway 752 on a cutline.  There is so much growing back here, I'm often here for the day picking seed.  This past weekend (Sept 20, 2015) I collected high bush cranberry, blueberries, thalictrum, geum, delphinium, streptopus, and more.  I dug out a streptopus for the new garden and another plant that I have no clue what it is, but I'll find out.
I admit that folding the company has crossed my mind more than a few times this past year, but every time I put serious thought into it the orders start coming in.  Is that the Universe saying hang in there Linda, or what!  Beautiful Blooms is 14 years young this month, so here's to another 14-50 years. :)